Pinaka 360

Datar Cancer Genetics

Theranostic Profiling of Circulating Tumor Cells

PD L1, ER, PR, HER2 and EGFR


A prescription blood test to identify cancer patients who may potentially benefit from administration of certain types of anti-cancer treatments.

For Whom

Patients who have been diagnosed with certain types of cancers (see complete table), for whom the NCCN guidelines recommend evaluation of ER, PR, HER2, EGFR or PDL1 status on tumor tissue so as to determine whether patient may benefit from administration of respective targeted anti-cancer treatments.


Patients undergo a simple blood draw, from which circulating tumor cells are enriched and evaluated for these biomarkers.


Evaluation of these biomarkers may not be possible on tumor tissue due to sample insufficiency or inability to obtain sample. False negatives may arise due to low tumor content or tumor heterogeneity. Pinaka is a safe and viable option to evaluate the status of these biomarkers in cases where a tissue based biomarker assessment has been inconclusive or is not possible.

Revolutionary Technology

The cutting edge technology that powers Pinaka is validated stringently to meet global standards.


  • Non-invasive, safe, convenient, and patient-friendly.
  • Viable alternative where tumor tissue based biomarker analysis is unavailable or has been inconclusive.
  • No need for hospitalization/visit to an advanced healthcare facility.
  • No risks of pain, bleeding, or infection.
  • Suitable for use at any stage of the clinical management pathway.
  • Suitable for radiologically undetectable tumors.
  • Not prone to intra and inter-tumoral heterogeneity.

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A Revolutionary Blood Test To Detect Caner Early, So That It Could Be Cured.


A Simple Blood Test for Cancer Diagnosis. It Could Save Your Life.

Therapy Guidance

We Can Help Physicians Make More Informed Treatment Decisions.


A Powerful Test For Better Management And Monitoring of Cancer Treatments.


A Revolutionary Blood Test To Detect Cancer Early,
So That It Could Be Cured.

A Simple Blood Test for Cancer Diagnosis.
It Could Save Your Life.

We can help physicians make more informed treatment decisions.

A Powerful Test For Better Management and
Monitoring of Cancer Treatments.

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