Pinaka 360

Datar Cancer Genetics


Most frequent questions and answers
Pinaka™ is a qualitative test. The test determines positivity based on the presence of CTCs above a numerical threshold, the output is binary, i.e., Positive or Negative.

Test findings of Pinaka™ are intended to be used as per the labelled indications for each biomarker and cancer type.

A ‘Negative’ Pinaka™ result means that the CTCs do not express the therapeutic marker being tested.
As Pinaka™ is a non-invasive blood test, it permits longitudinal evaluations over a period of time. The requirement for repeat testing and its frequency would be decided by the treating physician for each patient based on individual needs and treatment response status.

As with standard biomarker testing on tumor tissue, Pinaka™ testing is intended to identify individuals who are more likely to respond to targeted treatments. Individual patient’s response is dependent on several clinical, disease-specific and immunological factors.

Pinaka™ is not intended for recurrence monitoring.